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Consumer group says Washington home sellers and buyers aren't told enough about their agents ...

Published: 2020-01-15T02:08:19Z 

It's a simple question: Does my real-estate agent represent my interests? Most Washington home sellers and buyers would probably answer with a ...

Sacramento declares shelter crisis following concerns over tiny home evictions

Published: 2020-01-15T01:52:44Z 

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The Sacramento City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to declare a Shelter Crisis in the city, effectively indicating that ...

Vail Valley home inventory dipped from 2018 to 2019

Published: 2020-01-15T01:18:45Z 

EAGLE COUNTY — Local real estate brokers for the past several years have been talking about the lack of inventory in homes for sale. That trend ...

Manchester Farms home in Fairview offers luxury

Published: 2020-01-14T23:57:57Z 

Address: 6736 Richardson Circle, Fairview. Description: Set on a beautiful lot in Manchester Farms South subdivision, just north of West Lake Road, ...

Netflix's home puts a new angle on solar

Published: 2020-01-14T22:30:00Z 

Starting this year, new homes built in California are meant to be net zero, meaning they should generate as much energy as they take off the grid.

Radon mitigation rates reflect disparities in income, housing, home values

Published: 2020-01-14T22:28:38Z 

Radon is the second-leading cause of lung cancer in Minnesota, and health officials have long recommended that all homes in Minnesota be tested ...

VIPKid: Online English Teacher

Published: 2020-01-14T22:27:01Z 

We are seeking passionate educators to teach English online to over 600000 students in China – with the ability to work from home and earn up to ...

93-year-old DeSoto County woman loses home in storm

Published: 2020-01-14T22:18:45Z 

93-year-old DeSoto County woman loses home in storm ... He says Saturday morning's tornadoes destroyed his childhood home. "I wasn't expecting ...

Teen missing for weeks found dead in vacant home's chimney

Published: 2020-01-14T22:07:30Z 

TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) — A three-week-long search for a missing Ohio teenager who was last seen walking to school ended after authorities announced ...

The Future Is Now: You Can Live in an Amazon Smart Home Community

Published: 2020-01-14T21:56:15Z 

As a retailer that offers everything from electric massagers to tiny garden homes, it's hard to believe that Amazon started as an online bookstore.

Modest Mouse frontman Isaac Brock selling century-old Craftsman in Portland

Published: 2020-01-14T21:56:15Z 

Found a mile away from the now-shuttered Poison's Rainbow, which Brock opened in 2018, the 111-year-old home boasts serious Craftsman vibes.

Family's pets don't make it out alive after home catches fire in Evansville

Published: 2020-01-14T21:33:45Z 

The Evansville Fire District says no one was home during the fire, in the 300 block of West Liberty Street in Evansville, in Rock County, around 4 p.m..

Homeless mothers evicted from vacant home as California housing crisis looms

Published: 2020-01-14T21:16:54Z 

A group of homeless mothers who refused to leave a vacant home they were squatting in with their children, were evicted amid the growing homeless ...

Delmar Nursing Home Employees Vote To Strike

Published: 2020-01-14T21:11:15Z 

With wages and benefits at stake, employees at a nursing home in Albany County have voted to hold a three-day strike. According to 1199SEIU ...

What were Shelby County's most expensive home sales of 2019?

Published: 2020-01-14T21:00:00Z 

The No. 5 home is a six-bedroom, 8,300-square-foot abode that sold for nearly $2 million. Located on West Cherry Circle in ZIP 38117's Belle Meade ...

There are 218 cities in the US where the "typical" home costs at least $1 million

Published: 2020-01-14T20:48:45Z 

The luxury real estate market had a bumpy 2019, but ended in a steady rise in luxury home prices. In the first quarter of 2019, luxury home prices ...

Becky Thatcher home preserved

Published: 2020-01-14T20:37:30Z 

By the time Nora Creason and Don Metcalf began restoration efforts in 2008, the home's entire interior had been gutted; water, termites and other ...

Chaldean community finds home after leaving Iraq

Published: 2020-01-14T20:03:45Z 

EL CAJON, Calif. (KGTV) — The City of El Cajon has become a home away from home for many Chaldeans. They are a Catholic- Christian community ...

Man trapped under mobile home he was trying to move dies

Published: 2020-01-14T20:03:00Z 

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A man who was trapped when a jacked-up mobile home he was helping move Tuesday afternoon collapsed onto him has ...

Man killed after mobile home collapses on him in Mandarin

Published: 2020-01-14T19:57:32Z 

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Update 5:31 p.m.: The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said a man who was trapped under a collapsed mobile home died at the ...