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Learn to grow a garden with NPO

Published: 2019-07-30T03:56:15Z 

Soil for Life, a non-profit organisation in Constantia is calling for the unemployed and those that love gardening to take part in their 12-week training ...

CLUB: Fairbury Garden Club

Published: 2019-07-30T02:26:15Z 

Fairbury Garden Club met July 9 at Trinity Lutheran Church in Fairbury. The group discussion included the "...because it makes me smile" campaign, ...

Young NRI takes initiative to save water in gardening

Published: 2019-07-30T01:52:30Z 

"I am in a habit of gardening and during my stay in Canada I became familiar with the practices of people living there to save water used in gardening.

Inmates at Vienna Correctional Center learn how to garden

Published: 2019-07-30T01:30:00Z 

VIENNA (WSIL) -- Dozens of inmates at Vienna Correctional Center are getting some experience with gardening while behind bars. The center ...

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Guide - Everything You Need To Know About Gardening

Published: 2019-07-30T01:30:00Z 

There are two nice side-distractions you can partake in when exploring the monastery in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Fishing is a nice distraction that ...

BVGAYS Gone, Not Forgotten

Published: 2019-07-30T00:42:49Z 

A beautiful legacy. The Bay View Garden And Yard Society (BVGAYS) has dissolved. The group formed when a number of gay people in Bay View got ...

Telangana government-run schools to set up kitchen- gardens , use produce in midday meals

Published: 2019-07-30T00:11:15Z 

Seeds and tools for kitchen gardening will be given by the Horticulture department, and students will have to maintain the gardens, the School ...

Field and Gardening , cucumber

Published: 2019-07-29T23:59:34Z 

Open Class Outstanding Field and Gardening Cucumber and A Special Award for Top Colored Snapshot, Deb Dinkelman. Facebook · Twitter · SMS ...

BVGC preps for flower show

Published: 2019-07-29T23:48:45Z 

The Butternut Valley Garden Club is one of the few clubs in District 6 of the Federated Garden Clubs of the United States to mount a three-division ...

Bid for growth of oyster gardens to help water quality

Published: 2019-07-29T22:52:30Z 

Twice a week, several Laurel Hollow residents wade into the waters off their local beach to clean and measure more than 1,000 oysters.

To oust a weed, first ID it

Published: 2019-07-29T22:07:30Z 

I have seen it in agriculture fields, along the road, and in gardens. It has become resistant to some herbicides so management has gotten a little trickier ...

Minocqua couple takes small-scale food production to a new level

Published: 2019-07-29T21:45:00Z 

"I started wondering how much food could I produce right here," Nancy explained, adding that she didn't have much of a background in gardening.

Sometimes that email address reveals a lot

Published: 2019-07-29T21:33:45Z 

Sue is a Master Gardener and has been for 20 years. She says when she got into the program there were only about 20 or 30 of the gardeners, now ...

Gaughran, community groups call for expansion of water quality program: Community oyster ...

Published: 2019-07-29T21:20:51Z 

State Sen. James Gaughran (D-Northport) and Oyster Bay Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino joined local oyster gardeners on Monday ahead of a ...

Fall cool weather gardening

Published: 2019-07-29T20:37:30Z 

Most gardeners are familiar with spring cool season planting and if you did any of that this year, well this was the perfect year for spring cool season ...

Sussex County is launching the Economic Gardening Initiative for growth companies

Published: 2019-07-29T20:37:30Z 

Sussex County has a new economic development program for growing businesses: the Economic Gardening Initiative, a program offering resources ...

Home, community gardens featured in Aug. 3 tour

Published: 2019-07-29T19:52:30Z 

The yard and gardens at their home on Port Street reflect this love of travel, taking its inspiration from Japanese gardens and European cafes.

Shark Tank' Robert Herjavec on Failed Pitches: 'A Rejection From Us Doesn't Mean Anything'

Published: 2019-07-29T19:41:15Z 

... a co-working space for food entrepreneurs in Price George, Maryland; and Bryan Traficante, co-founder of Garden in Minutes, his family's gardening ...

Winners from National Garden Bureau's First Ever "Year of" Video Contest Announced

Published: 2019-07-29T19:41:15Z 

DOWNERS GROVE, IL – For more than 30 years, National Garden Bureau (NGB) has been showcasing and promoting their member's products in the ...

Green thumb gardening tips from the gardener to the stars

Published: 2019-07-29T19:30:00Z 

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Jon Carloftis has installed gardens for Julianne Moore, Edward Norton, Mike Myers and Google. He stopped by with The ...